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A Buyers Guide to Boxing and Boxing Gear

Boxing is a great way to achieve full body training. Nearly all muscle groups are activated and the heart/circulatory system is improved and strengthened. It also improves balance, coordination, reaction times and speed.
Boxing is fun and safe as long as you train and employ the right equipment and use it correctly.
Contrary to some, sports boxing equipment and boxing gear is very important if you want to achieve the correct technique and to continue to improve your speed and dexterity.

Bag Mittsboxing mitts
These are thinner and lighter than normal boxing gloves and used for training on punchbags, boxing pads (focus mitts) and speedballs. The pre-shaped padding protects your knuckles from skin abrasions. They are not normally used for sparring against a partner.

Open Finger Gloves
Completely adequate for practicing punching techniques and also for holding and gripping your opponent, which are methods of fighting used in mix martial arts and self defense.

Sparring Gloves
Sparring means to exchange controlled blows with your opponent under reduced competition conditions. The sparring gloves are usually slightly more padded than both bag mitts and boxing gloves to reduce injury to you and your partner.

Boxing Gloves
Boxing gloves can be used in both sparring and competitive boxing. Often come in different weights from 8oz for professional and advanced fighters to 16oz for the less experienced. Not usually used for punch bag work.

Children's Boxing Gloveschildrens boxing gloves
Children's boxing gloves are designed so that children can have all the fun of boxing without causing their partner or themselves an injury. These childrens boxing gloves have a dual purpose, they can be used for hitting against a punch bag as well as for sparring.

Punch Bags
The punch bag is indispensable for every boxer and martial artist and a genuine universal training device. A punch bag will improve your punching force, endurance, coordination, punching and kicking combinations. Quality punch bags are usually heavy punch bags and made from leather, Cheaper punch bags are lighter and usually made from PU or nylon. Both punch bags are great for home use but for boxing clubs the heavier punch bags are more appropriate.

Free Standing Punch Bags
The great advantage of a free standing punch bag over a conventional punch bag is that they do not require holes drilling into the wall to hang a punch bag ceiling or wall bracket. The base is filled with water or sand and then the free standing punch bag can be placed anywhere without a problem.

Free Standing Punch Bag Framefree standing punch bag frame
A free standing punch bag frame is ideal if you have a permanent place to site your punch bag, although BBE now do a folding punch bag frame. Some free standing punch bag frames provide other facilities such as a speedball frame and speedball or the facility to hang a floor to ceiling ball.

Punch Bag Wall Bracket & Ceiling Hook
A punch bag wall bracket is ideal if space is at a premium and there is no room for a free standing punch bag frame. They screw straight to the wall. Punch bag wall brackets come as fixed and folding brackets. Ceiling hooks are fastened to a joist and then you hang the punch bag from it.

Boxing Pads - Focus Mitts
Boxing pads, sometimes referred to as focus mitts are used for exercising with a partner. With your partner holding the boxing pads you punch the pad while your partner positions them at various heights and angles. The curved boxing pads adapt to the shape of the hand for a more comfortable fit and also the curve allows the punch to be 'caught' better.

Speedball & Speedball Frame
A speedball is fastened to a speedball frame which sometimes comes as part of the kit or purchased separately. This is the case when you are looking for the more heavy duty, professional boxing equipment. The speedball promotes punching power and endurance. In addition, the neck and shoulders muscles are highly toned.

Floor to Ceiling Ball
A Floor to Ceiling Ball fasten to the floor and ceiling by two elastic straps. This moves the ball in all directions at speed allowing you to practice reaction skills and coordination. The fast movement of the ball simulate an imaginary opponent, whom you try to avoid by moving your upper body.

Boxing Accessoriesprotective boxing headguard
Boxing accessories come in a multitude of products from skipping ropes for endurance training, gum shields for mouth protection and hand wraps that protect the hand, thumb and finger joints. Boxing wraps also absorb sweat from inside the boxing glove and lengthen the life of the boxing glove.

Head Guards
Head guards offer head protection and are used in sparring and amateur boxing competitions. The thick foam padding protects the cheekbones and chin.

Abdominal Guards

Abdominal guards protect the groin from low blows.

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