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A Buyers Guide to Indoor Table Tennis Tables & Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

At sometime in your life you have probably played table tennis or ping pong as it used to be called. Table tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world and can be enjoyed just as much played indoors at home, or if you have an outside table tennis table, in the garden, just as much as those who play competitively. You can buy a very cheap table tennis table or Olympic standard table tennis tables. The more you can afford the more enjoyable they are to use and the longer the table tennis table will last, but whatever the price lots of fun can be had.

The Benefits of Playing Table Tennis

  1. Its one of the few sports that everyone can play together. Because there is more to playing table tennis than sheer power and strength, everyone can play, young against old, male against female, able bodied against those with a disability and all can compete on equal terms.
  2. Table Tennis in folded positionTable tennis is great for fitness. Playing table tennis will get your heart rate up and make you sweat, but you will be having so much fun you will hardly notice it.
  3. Table tennis is a non contact sport, it just requires a small table tennis bat and a light weight table tennis ball, so table tennis is a gentle sport, compared to many other sports.
  4. Table tennis is a fast sport. You have to use a lot of tactics and forward thinking, so it will keep you mentally alert.
  5. You can play table tennis anytime and anywhere. Depending on the table tennis table you can play indoors our outdoors as there are now specifically designed indoor table tennis tables or a table tennis outdoor table. Own both and you can play anytime of the day or night, in any weather. Many table tennis tables fold away, so take up very little space. Some table tennis tables will half fold so that the folded part becomes a wall that you can bounce the ball off and therefore play and practice alone.
  6. Table tennis is a sociable sport. You can play with your family or friends, or complete strangers.
  7. Table tennis is a sport for life. You can play table tennis into your eighties and beyond.

What to Look For in a Table Tennis Table

The table tennis top:Table Tennis Outdoor Table
The thicker the top on a table tennis table, the more resistant it is to warpage. Thin tops, less than 3/4" thick will cause the table tennis ball to bounce inconsistently, often too low in places, which makes it harder to play the game properly, especially for children. A thicker top will always enhance the quality of the table tennis table. Particle board is used on most table tennis tables but the quality of the material used to make this board is also as important as the thickness. Some table tennis tops are made from resin material that have a high resistance to warpage. Also consider the evenness of the support under the top, as this can also effect the bounce quality of the table tennis ball.

The table tennis Frame:
A heavy duty frame made from thick gauge metal will generally improve the table tennis tables durability. As well as looking for the thickness of the table tennis tables legs also look for the connecting points that brace the chassis together. If the table tennis table has many it may well be stronger then a table tennis table that has larger legs but less supports.

Materials used to make a table tennis table:
Wooden tables should not be exposed to temperature extremes, humidity or moisture.
Aluminum Encapsulation
Some wooden table tennis tables are aluminum encapsulated which makes them almost warp proof, therefore ideal for outdoor use. This process has to be carried out properly or the table tennis table can de-laminate, but a well designed and manufactured table tennis table after this process can last for many years.

Storing your table tennis table:
Some table tennis tables will fold in the middle, brining both halves of the table together, considerably reducing its size. This then focuses the whole weight of the table tennis table on its central wheels. Look for strong wheels that will take the weight.

Table tennis table with single player feature:Table Tennis Net and Posts
Some table tennis tables allow one half of the table tennis table to rise therefore making it a backboard for one player to bounce the table tennis ball off. Children are very fond of this playback feature.  

The table tennis table net and posts:

Many table tennis tables have permanently fixed nets and net brackets. This makes set up much faster but separate nets and posts can be more adjustable and sturdy. It will depend how serious you are at playing the game of table tennis.

Table tennis bats and balls:

Table tennis bats are also called rackets, paddles and blades. You can buy table tennis bats off the shelve but serious players will have their table tennis bats custom made. For beginners, children and
fun players the off the shelve table tennis bats will be fine to begin with.

Table tennis balls again come in grades. Cheap table tennis balls are not as perfectly round as  table tennis balls that have a star rating, three stars being the best. An uneven shape will it effect the table tennis balls flight and bounce.

A Final Word about Table Tennis Tables

If you want the best table tennis table then look for table tenis tables that come from Germany, because Germany have the world largest professional table tennis league with over 800,000 participants. They have the manufacturing capability to produce some of the best table tennis tables in the world. We sell the German Kettler table tennis tables.

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