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When you look at the Tunturi HG40 home gym it looks very similar to the Life Fitness G4. ... more info
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The Tunturi HG60 home gym is unique as the preacher curl transforms into a back rest for the integrated leg press ... more info
Our Price £1189

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The Tunturi HG80 gym offers so much and your workout as no limits if you have the knowledge and imagination. ... more info
Our Price £1699

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The Platinum Leg Press Unit can only be used in conjunction with the Tunturi Lower Body Unit, it cannot stand alone. However what a great option to add. ... more info
Our Price £949.00

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The Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer is unique in providing a smith bar used with weight stacks ... more info
Our Price £3399

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the Nohrd Slimbeam Cable Machine is a classic exercise machine because of its versatility and functionality ... more info

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The New Inspire M2 Multi Gym has a unique press arm that offers both fixed pressing exercises as well as free ... more info
Our Price £1999(List price £2099)

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The Inspire Body Lift BL1 Multi Gym actually lifts your body, adjusting the resistance from 10% to 150% of your body weight ... more info
Our Price £999.00

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The G2 Multi Gym features a 73kg stack as standard, pectoral fly, chest press, leg curl/ext and lat pulldown. ... more info
Our Price £1595

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The G4 is a space efficient gym that offers an expanded range of exercises. Comes with 73kg weight stack. ... more info
Our Price £2195

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The Inspire FT1 functional trainer allows for much safer training of the core, secondary, and stabilizing muscles ... more info
Our Price £1995

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The Inspire M3 multi gym is the rock star of home gyms. This award winning gym features a commercial ... more info
Our Price £2699(List price £2699)

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Perform functional training that improves your core with a virtually unlimited number of exercises. ... more info

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The Tunturi HG20 Home Gym is perfect for the beginner to intermediate strength trainer. ... more info
Our Price £649.00

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The Inspire M5 is a light commercial grade gym with heavy twin stack 95kg cast iron weight stacks. Space saving design ... more info
Our Price £3599

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The Inspire LP1 Leg Press is iso-lateral and can be attached to fit the entire range of Inspire multi gyms ... more info
Our Price £899.00

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Additional 5lb weight for adding to Inspire multi gyms and functional training units ... more info
Our Price £18.00

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Additional 50lb weight stack for adding to the Inspire FT1 (2 x kits) FT2 (2 x kits) ... more info
Our Price £90.00

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The Inspire Abdominal Bar offers 4 different concentrated abdominal exercises ... more info
Our Price £55.00

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The Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer Package offers not only the superb FT2 Trainer but also includes the Inspire SCS ... more info
Our Price £3999

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Choosing the right Multi Gym

There is no question that strength training has become tremendously popular. Men have always embraced it but now women have also realised its potential.

Strength training is critical for almost every goal, from injury prevention and post rehabilitation to better sports performance and weight loss.

However to achieve success from any strength training programme you must choose the right equipment and use it properly.  The most common purchase is the ‘home gym’ or ‘multigym’. The most well know of these are York multigyms, Weider multigyms, Finnlo multigyms and Kettler multigyms. These multigyms use a ‘selectorized’ weight stack making them the safest and most practical way to strength train.

Kettler Multi Gym

Buying your Home Multi Gym

  1. Consider who will be using the multigym and what their specific goals are
    It is often the case that there will be more than one person in the family who will be using the multigym. Discussing each person’s goals will help make sure that you purchase workout equipment that will withstand the use of multiple family members and provide the adjustments to accommodate different size users.

  2. Go to a specialist fitness equipment store and test the fitness equipment
    A specialist fitness equipment store should be able to offer a range of gyms for you to try. They will also be able to show you how to perform the exercises properly and provide installation of the multigym if required. Then test the exercise equipment yourself. Try to perform as many of the strength movements as possible which should include all major muscle groups. This is important, as many multigyms will feel great on the basic exercises but it’s only when you begin to perform the full spectrum of exercises will you notice the limitation of the lesser quality multigyms.

  3. Space
    Before you go to the store make sure you have the dimensions of the area you want to place the multigym including height, width and length-and take a tape measure with you. Also keep in mind that the multigym may take up more space when in use and make sure you take these measurements into account as well.

  4. SmoothnessMulti Gym Leg Extension Ergonomics
    This is one of the best indicators to the quality of the fitness machine. Each movement should feel silky smooth and be free of judder and ‘stickiness’. Try the most expensive multigym in a store and then the cheapest multigym; the results will speak for themselves. Unfortunately cheap gym equipment feels cheap.

  5. Ergonomics
    This basically means how the multigym fits your body. When you perform a specific exercise you should feel it in the muscles that the exercise was designed for and not in your joints or other unrelated muscles. You do not have to be an expert to appreciate this, as your body will intuitively let you know. If you are unsure of which muscles should be engaged, ask the store assistant to tell you where you should feel the exercise. This is where fitness machine adjustments to seats, backrest, chest-press arm and peck decks can change an ineffective and uncomfortable exercise into a correct and effective one. Pivot points are also important. On a leg extension the pivot point should be perfectly level with your knee and on a peck deck in line with your shoulder joint.

  6. Features

    Upholstery Pads
    High Quality Multi Gym Upholstery
    Look for well-padded, dense foam upholstery that keeps its shape at all times. Some multigyms have polyurethane contoured pads that fit the shape of your lower back. Check the stitching and the finish on the back of the pads. High quality upholstery won’t dry out, smell or crack with repeated use.

    Look for frames made from heavy gauge steel as this will make the machine feel solid for a lifetime. Most multigyms today use powder coated paint, which will prevent corrosion. Good powder coating should not crack when you tighten a bolt against it.

    Quality multigyms feature bearings at pivot joints, cheap multi gyms have nothing more than a bolt passing through metal or plastic sleeves. Bearings reduce wear and tear and guarantee a smooth movement and longer life.

    If you have ever used professional gym equipment you will have noticed how solid it feels when in use. That is because the gym equipment is welded together. Generally speaking the more welds the more strength and stability. Home multigyms have to have bolted pieces because they have to be delivered in boxes. However, rule of thumb, less bolts, less wobble.

    Cables and PulleysHigh Quality Metal Weight Stack
    Look for nylon or steel bearing pulleys rather than plastic. Cables that are plastic coated give a smoother feel and should have at least a test strain of 1000kg.

    Weight Stacks
    Metal weight stacks feel better than plastic. They glide more smoothly along their guide poles and last longer. The weight of the plate is also exact but plastic plates can be out by as much as a kilogram. However plastic weights make less noise. Some multigyms come with two or more stacks so that more than one-person can workout at the same time and this is were the true name of multi gym originates.

    Accessories and Attachments
    Good multigyms will come with a variety of accessories such as ankle straps for working the inner and outer thigh and straight bars and stirrup handles for arm exercises. Ask the staff at the fitness equipment store what the multi gym offers and can they provide further accessories if required. Some multigyms allow you to add attachments, which mean’s the multigym can ‘grow’ with you. These include additional weight plates to add to the basic weight stack and leg presses for more serious leg workouts.

Remember the must haves when buying a Multi Gym

  • SizeEasy Multi Gym Chest Press Adjustment
    Make sure the multi gym will fit into your designated space and only look at multigyms that fit your space requirements comfortably even when in use.

  • Fit
    This relates to ergonomics mentioned earlier. Do you feel comfortable using the multigym? Can you reach all the arms and pads without stretching or getting into painful positions? You must test the multigym in as many positions as possible to determine this and if more that one user is going to use the machine they too must test it.

  • Adjustability
    This will help over come some of the fit problems. The seat, backrest, peck deck, chest press, all these can be adjusted on the quality multigyms. You should also be able to make these adjustments quick and easily. 

Safety and Maintenance

Without doubt safety is the major factor when choosing weight equipment. Home multigyms provide safety and convenience that cannot be found in free weight equipment. There are no weight plates to load and unload, no collars to remove, and because the lifting positions are already pre-determined and the weights safely out of the way the possibility of injury is drastically reduced. When buying fitness equipment, gym equipment or any type of workout equipment safety must always be a priority.

Weight Stack Shrouds
Quality multigyms have weight shrouds that enclose the stack, minimizing the chance of fingers being pinched.

Weight Stack Pins
Get use to selecting the weight with the weight stack pin making sure that the pin locks in place. Select a lightweight and practice a few moves just to be sure. Some pins are shaped to make insertion easy and then turn to lock the pin in place.

Equipment Adjusting Pins
Look for spring loaded, self-locking pins for adjusting such things as seat height, backrest and leg units. These pins automatically find their locking position and then you turn a knob to tighten everything up. Even left loose they will prevent anything moving out of position so preventing nasty surprises.

A good quality multigym, if you are using the gym at home, will require very little upkeep. The upholstery pads will just need to be wiped down occasionally to remove sweat. The weight guide rods need to be lubricated with a silicone based lubricant every six months to prevent the weights sticking. You may need to do this more often if the machine is in strong direct sunlight. Check the cables every month to make sure they are still running over the pulleys properly and no wear or tear is visible.  As long as the machine is assembled correctly and used properly there is very little that can go wrong.


Strength training requires focus and proper form and if done properly can at times be a little uncomfortable. However the rewards far out way any mild discomfort.

If you are new to weight training then you may need something to help you stay on track and guide you through the exercises.

A home gym should come with a wall chart or booklet showing you the full range of exercises that can be performed and how each exercise should be executed. Some multigyms even come with DVD’s. This is like having your own personal trainer.

Never feel intimidated by what you don’t know. A good fitness equipment store will have sales people who will show you each exercise and explain its purpose. If the multigym feels wrong to you let the sales person know.

Shopping for weight equipment can be quite daunting as it is the least understood portion of exercise. Look for manufacturers with a history in this market. These companies will have a depth of knowledge of knowing what the consumer wants and needs and just as importantly what they don’t need and what does not work. In addition they will have experience in biomechanics, ergonomics and durability.

Remember the shopping phase is the foundation to make sure you choose wisely and protect your investment.

Why you should buy your multi gym from Fitness Options

  • We offer an extensive range of multi gyms, covering all budgets.
  • Your multi gym warrantee: All multi gyms come with at least 1year parts and labour warranty. Some manufacturers provide longer warranty on cables, pulleys and frames.
  • Multi gym delivery: Delivered direct to you door.
  • Multi gym installation: Multi gyms can be time consuming to build, that is why we recommend our installation service. Delivered & installed by our own engineers will give you confidence that it is built correctly and performs exactly to manufactures specification.

Read more about multi gyms & further fitness tips in the Fitness Options blog

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